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Green Wayland-Llewellin, L.Ac

Green is inclined to work with builders, musicians, athletes and all who appreciate a combined treatment of Chinese medical massage and acupuncture. She works with all ages of people, from labor induction to elders! There is no end to her interest in Chinese medicine and its modalities.

John Servilio, L.Ac

John's philosophy is rooted in the belief that, while many patient cases are straight-forward, our bodies, minds, and spirits can be unpredictable, and we are each different from one another in the same way that we each have our own DNA. And, truly, the only way to approach a complex, living being is with humility. Even with a system of medicine as powerful and awe-inspiring as Chinese Medicine, true healing comes with openness, persistence, patience, and the belief that the body can do a tremendous amount of healing on its own when given the chance.

Alison Loercher, L.Ac

She's passionate about herbal medicine, getting to the root of problems and social justice.   Her practice is open to everyone seeking health and healing.  She loves to work with individuals to relieve suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, digestive dysfunction, and autoimmune disorders.  She is also well practiced at treating pain and dysfunction from traumatic injuries from car accidents and injuries. 

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​Mission Statement
We are an anchoring force for the clinical application of Traditional East Asian Medicine. We provide informed health care, medicinals and education to a broad spectrum of society including both patients and medical professionals.


Diversity Policy

We prioritize and greatly value diversity in the clinic and pharmacy. We are purposefully building a cooperative with people that represent under served populations in order to reduce the disparities in health care that occur when people of color, queer, transgendered people or other marginalized populations are not represented in a clinic.

The Clinic

A team of five licensed Chinese medicine practitioners and one office manager offering herbal consultation, acupuncture and medical massage seven days a week. Read more...

The Herbal Medicinary 

We offer an herbal pharmacy for all Chinese Medicine practitioners and other herbalists who want to reliably and accurately create bulk, granule and tincture formulas for their patients without having the burden of a pharmacy on site themselves.  We are here to compound and deliver your herbal prescriptions.  Read more...

The Cooperative

The Vital Compass is a solidarity cooperative.  We are open to the public, and all the workers are owners. We also consist of shared-services member-owners who are licensed acupuncturists, naturopaths, certified herbalists or others who can safely prescribe herbs.


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