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What the Vital Compass Logo Means

We spent a lot of time designing a logo that we could really relate to and one that encompasses our beliefs and healing practices.  We thought you'd like to know what it represents.


The Compass: The compass is a tip of our hat to the theory that each herb we use belongs to a direction -North, South, East, West, which is in line with it's other healing properties. It reminds us of the saying "If we don't change our direction, we will end up where we are headed." (paraphrased from our friend Confucius). Our compass points north as a reminder of our dedication to the health of our community everywhere, but especially the diverse communities of North Portland where we are located.


Chrysanthemum Flower: Our golden compass is resting on the petals of a Chrysanthemum flower, or Ju Hua. Known mostly for brightening the eyes, reducing redness and irritation, it makes a pleasant tea for long days at the computer. Also handy for beautifying your home or garden.


Mulberry Twig: Some of the herbs around the compass are Sang Zhi, or Mulberry Twig. They are featured on the left (west) of the compass, reaching to the top. Mulberry Twig is used for a variety of things including edema, and pain (Bi) especially in the upper limbs. Other mulberry tree parts used are the leaves, bark, and berries.


Gardenia Fruit: Other herbs around the compass are Zhi Zi, or Gardenia Fruit. It's very bitter flavor makes it great for clearing heat throughout your whole body, from toxic sores to firey tempers.


Gypsum: Northeast of out compass is Shi Gao, Gypsum or Calcium Sulphate. Used internally for excessive heat, especially in the lungs and stomach, and externally for slow healing wounds.

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