Acupuncture is the insertion of fine, sterilized, single use needles under the skin at specific points determined by diagnosis.  Diagnosis is done by interview, pulse palpation, observation of the tongue & other physical structures.  It has been used for 2,500 years to heal many kinds of health issues, as well as prevent them.  It is relatively painless, though may feel tingly, warm or heavy.  It uses external channels that connect to the internal organs you are familiar with to dramatically change disease processes.  Side effects include better sleep, reduced inflammation, and pain reduction.  Research continues to find ways in which acupuncture can benefit the body!

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

TCHM is the art of combining medicinal materials to create customized herbal formulations for any number of health conditions.  From symptoms of stress to chronic disease, the history of Chinese herbal medicine encompasses help for a full range of human health conditions.  One of the first texts on Chinese Herbal Medicines, the Shen Nong Ben Can Jing was written between 200 and 250 AD is still refined and referenced to this day.  Through its long history, Chinese Herbal Medicine has been continually used and is researched and practiced all over the world today.

Medical Massage & Bodywork

Bodywork including Shiatsu, Tuina, Cupping, Gua Sha, and Cranio-Sacral uses effective methods of informed touch to resolve health issues.  More than just relaxation, body work can address deeper health issues with efficacy and grace.

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