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Your first appointment will be 60 minutes long and include a conversation about your health history, current areas of concern and your Chinese medicine diagnosis.  We can then discuss using acupuncture, herbal medicine, bodywork or a combination of the three to successfully work towards your optimal health.  Chinese medicine has a thousands year old history of treating many conditions, from pain and tension to complex chronic disease. 

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We are happy to bill your insurance.  Please send us your information before your first visit.

"I am so glad I found The Vital Compass!  Everyone here is extremely friendly and professional.  I have been treated by John Servilio with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  He has made a real difference in my healing from some ridiculous illnesses!  I'm also eternally grateful for getting help with a lifelong health issue that no other type of medicine seems to be able to address.  John is a bottomless well of kindness and a natural healer."


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