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What to Expect

If we are not billing insurance for you, you will pay our cash at time of service rate when you come for your appointment.  We can give you a super-bill on request.  

Once you send us your insurance information, we will check your benefits for our services and providers.  We will then let you know if your plan covers our services, whether we have a practitioner that is in or out of network and what costs to expect at the time of service.  After your visit, we will submit your claim to your insurance company.  Within about 6 weeks we will receive an EOB from your insurance plan.  This will determine the final cost of your visit.  You will receive an invoice for any additional amount owed, or a credit to your account or method of payment if you have overpaid.  

You may also call your insurance plan to inquire about your benefits.  Questions to ask include:  Is acupuncture covered on my plan?  Is massage or physical therapy covered on my plan?  What is the benefit maximum?  Is this separate, or combined with other kinds of services (such as chiropractic)? Is acupuncture covered before, or after I meet my deductible?  How much of my deductible have I met?  What is my out of pocket maximum?  How much of my out of pocket maximum have I met?  We will still need to verify your benefits before your first appointment.  Please bring your insurance card and ID with you.  

Insurance Vocabulary

In network/Out of network:  Also known as "contracted" or "non-contracted", this refers to the agreement your health provider has made with your insurance company to fees for services provided to you.  Most often, in network providers allow you to receive services at a reduced cost to you.  

EOB or Explanation of Benefits:  This is a document sent to both you and us about the charges made, paid for and owed once a claim has been filed with the insurance company.  

Out of Pocket Maximum:  This amount is the most you will have to pay out of pocket according to your plan. After this amount, any covered service should be paid 100% by your health plan.  

Deductible:  A deductible is the amount set by your insurance plan that you need to pay out of pocket each year or plan year before the insurance plan will pay for any healthcare services.  A deductible may or may not apply for acupuncture services. 

Co-Pay:  A set amount paid at the time of service for an office or acupuncture visit.  This amount is set by your insurance plan.  

Co-insurance:  This is a percentage amount that you are responsible for once your insurance plan has determined the cost of your service.  Note:  You may have both a co-pay and a co-insurance amount due for a visit.  

Balance Billing: The amount billed to you after your insurance plan has determined your plan discounts and fees for services provided.  This may include your co-pay, co-insurance, deductible or excluded service amounts. 

Covered services:  "Covered services" are things that your insurance plan will pay for, or use to count toward your deductible.  "Non-Covered services" will not be paid for by your insurance plan and not count toward your deductible.  Acupuncture may or may not be a "Covered Service" on your plan.  

Excluded service:  A service that is not covered by your insurance plan. 

At least one of our practitioners is in network with the following companies.  

We can bill out of network for other companies.  

Motor Vehicle Accident


Regence/Blue Cross Blue Shield


Pacific Source

United Healthcare/Optum

Kaiser (physician-referred)

Kaiser (self-referred, call for details)

Tivity/VA benefits


Insurance Plans we do not accept:



Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield

American Specialty Health (ASH)



PacificSource Medicare Advantage/Legacy MyCare


Medicare Advantage Plans do not guarantee payment

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