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Who is eligible for membership?


Herbalists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, and any other clinical practitioner or student who can benefit from membership.  Please submit your license or other credentials at time of application. 


What does membership include?  


  •  a 15% discount on custom bulk, granule and tinctured herbs.


  • 25% off all CEU/PDA classes, free member-only classes & other gatherings.


  • Ability to use the space to hold your own classes for an 70/30 split with use of our promotional platforms (other scenarios negotiable)


  • Voting rights to elect 2 community members to our board every 2 years.  This helps us decide the direction and flow of the cooperative.  Any current member can be elected to the board.  

What does membership cost?


Membership is $100 and is non-refundable. Once you're a member, you're always a member!  There's no renewal fee, or any other fee of any sort at any time.  The cost of membership always goes toward expanding our herbal inventory and services.  If there is something you would like us to do or carry, please let us know. 


Why become a member?  


Being a member means being a part of a greater community of herbalists all doing our best to help our clients and patients with effective herbal medicine.  We seek to provide our community with the resources they need to be excellent herbalists providing excellent care.  This means great continuing educaton, an efficient order filling service and excellent quality herbs.  As our membership numbers and medicinary grows, so does our purchasing and political power as we bring effective and accessible clinical herbal medicine to more and more people.  

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