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Acupuncture & Moxibustion

Generally Good Reading

Oliver Sacks is a talented neurologist and author, whose brilliant writing has taught me much about the workings of our brains through his insights and humor.  Fun reading that makes you smarter!  ~Alison

Martin Prechtel, a Native American born, Guatemalan raised shaman teaches about the world as it is through beautiful prose that enchants you into a more compassionate self.  You can read his books again and again, and learn something new every time.  ~Alison

The only person who can tell you what your dreams mean is you.  This is the premise of much of Jeremy Taylor's work, which provides a framework for you, and perhaps you and your group of friends, to interpret dreams for yourselves and each other.  "All dreams come in the spirit of health and healing"  (especially the nightmares)  ~Alison

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