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Continuing Education Class Schedule

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All PDAs/CEUS pending approval from the NCCAOM

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Saturday February 3rd, 9am-11am

2 CEUs $60

No CEUs $40

Chinese herbalism: Treating Springtime Allergies

with John Servilio, L.Ac​

Many of our patients come to us with allergies that are worst in the spring. Common herbal therapies for allergies treat symptoms with Cang Er Zi San or Bi Yan Pian, or they treat Wei Qi Deficiency with Jade Screen Powder (Yu Ping Feng San). But understanding the physiology of the body during the spring and its common pathologies can increase your clinical efficacy and the range of herbal prescriptions to choose from.

Growing Asian herbs domestically: A panel discussion
Date and time TBD

What about growing Asian herbs domestically? Let's talk about it! We will have a panel of growers and herbal practitioners discuss the current state of domestically grown herbal medicinals on the farm and in the clinic. We will focus the conversation on how to expand relationships between growers and practitioners by understanding each other's needs.

2 CEUs $60

No CEUs $40

Date TBD, registration opens when date is finalized

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2 CEUS $60

No CEUs $40

Thursday, February 22nd, 6pm-8pm. FREE FOR MEMBERS

Wednesday March 14th, 6pm-8pm

Prescribing herbal formulas in bulk, granule or tincture: doseage, duration and treatment planning

Need some brushing up on how to prescribe custom herbal formulas?  How about converting bulk into granule or even tincture? 

This class will review:

-How to dose herbs within a prescription

-Determining length of the prescription

-How to convert a classic bulk formula to granule or tincture using a simple formula

-Determining whether to use bulk, granule, tinctures or patents based on the patient and the formula

-Guidelines for dosing the toxic herbs in our pharmocopoeia

Chinese Herbal Liniment Making

This class is a hands on tutorial in making your own Chinese herbal liniments. Participants make and leave with their own liniment as well as an understanding of how to make liniments focused toward healing different levels of tissue (bruises, tendons & ligaments, bones, etc).

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Sunday February 4th, 10am-12pm

Thursday February 15th, 6pm-8pm

2 CEUs $60

No CEUs $40

Monday February 12th, 6pm-8pm

2 CEUs $60

No CEUs $40

Treating menses related pain with Chinese herbal medicine

A class beyond "Sudden Smile Powder", we will explore the diagnosis of several common syndromes seen when menses pain is present and their corresponding formulas.  We will also discuss reasonable expectations around dose and duration of herbal treatment of menses pain.

satisfies OMB pain management requirement

Thurs March 1st


with Allison Keil

2 CEUs $60

No CEUs $40

Healing with what's on hand: herbal medicine from your kitchen.

Can a strong cup of tea be an effective cure?


 This class explores useful remedies for common ailments like headaches, colds, flus and pain that can be found right in your kitchen!  We will approach flavors, their effects on the body and learn a handful of useful recipes! 

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